A Safe, Allergy Free Easter Can Be Done

A Safe, Allergy Free Easter Can Be Done - This Happy-y Mumma

Are you hoping for an Allergy Free Easter, but deep down dreading Easter due to the mountain of allergens you and your family will have to navigate? Get togethers when you have a child with severe food allergies can be stressful. Add in a day that is seemingly focussed on a food, chocolate, which can contain…

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Miss J is Starting Kinder With Food Allergies

Kinder supplies with food allergies - ThisHappyMumma.com

For most families, starting Kinder or Pre-School is a time of much excitement, and some anxiousness. Will my child be ok, will they take to the new environment , will they make friends, will they like their teacher. I can tell you as the mother of a child with life threatening food allergies, the balance…

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A Near Miss With Mayo – Food Allergy Shopping

Shopping with Food Allergies - always check ingredients - ThisHappyMumma.com

It is always important when you are “food allergy shopping”, to check every product you buy, every time you buy it! I rushed into Coles yesterday to buy mayonnaise for the potato salad & coleslaw for our Melbourne Cup BBQ dinner. As our 3yo Miss J has allergies to eggs (amongst several other foods), I always buy the Praise…

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