Dairy Egg Nut Free Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes
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Delicious, soft, tasty, chocolate cupcakes with the added goodness of zucchini, they are dairy free, egg free, nut free, can be soy & wheat free, and are vegan. Tick tick tick
Recipe type: Party Food
Serves: 12 mini cupcakes
  • 1½ cup Plain Flour
  • ¼ cup Cacao or Cocoa Powder
  • ¾ cup Coconut Sugar or Caster Sugar
  • 1 tsp Baking Soda / Bi Carb Soda
  • ½ tsp Salt
  • 1 cup milk - I have used Soy and Oat with success
  • 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar - can use white vinegar
  • 2 tbsp Coconut Oil, melted
  • 2 tbsp Apple Sauce
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1 cup Zucchini, grated
  1. Preheat fan forced oven to 200c, turn back to 180c when you put the tray of cupcakes in to bake
  2. Line with wrappers or spray cupcake or mini muffin tray with non stick spray, I used a silicone 12 cupcake tray and sprayed lightly with Rice Bran Oil
  3. In a bowl mix together the milk and vinegar, let sit while preparing the remainder of the recipe
  4. In a large bowl sift together the dry ingredients, give them a good whisk together, make a well in the middle
  5. Add the curdled milk/vinegar mix, plus the coconut oil, applesauce and vanilla into the well, stir lightly to just combine
  6. Add the grated zucchini, fold together lightly
  7. Spoon the mixture into the cupcake or mini muffin holes
  8. Bake for approx. 20 minutes, test center with skewer, when the skewer comes out clean, they're done
  9. Remove tray from oven, cool slightly then remove the cupcakes from the tray onto a cooling rack
  10. Ice once completely cooled
  11. My icing was a quick mix of icing sugar, vanilla paste, hot water, mixed till consistency, I dipped the cupcakes in and topped with sprinkles
  12. Enjoy!
Nutrition Information
Calories: 93 Fat: 3.1 Carbohydrates: 15.7 Sugar: 13.1 Protein: 1.3
Recipe by This Happ-y Mumma at http://thishappymumma.com/2016/06/dairy-egg-nut-free-chocolate-zucchini-cupcakes/